La Quinta Arts Foundation Visual Arts Scholar Rio Chacon is studying Cinema and Television Arts at CSU Fullerton. Learn more about his creative journey in filmmaking.
What do you enjoy most about your studies in Art?
Art has always been an important part of my life. Through my studies in filmmaking, I have come to realize one of the most enjoyable parts of creating and sharing stories is the inspiration that sparks them. As creators, we can sometimes find ourselves in a creative rut but suddenly be inspired by the smallest of things. It’s finding that spark and the inspiration to create art that makes it so enjoyable.

The Box’, film still, by Rio Chacon.

Do you have any role models or favorite artists?
With my dad being an art teacher, he would take me and my sisters to museums. He taught us to appreciate art. He pushed me to be different and to try new things, which is why he is one of my biggest role models.

How has the LQAF scholarship supported your growth as a creative?
This scholarship has allowed me to grow as an artist through helping me gain a higher education in filmmaking. The foundation’s generosity has also encouraged me to work even harder in school and to not be afraid of taking a “risky” career path.

‘Light and Dark’ film still, by Rio Chacon

What goals do you have in the Arts?
I have struggled a lot with figuring out exactly what I want to do in the film industry. However, my main focus has been on film editing, light design, sound design, cinematography, writing short scripts, and directing/producing. Clearly, I haven’t even picked a general area of focus yet. I find all aspects of filmmaking interesting.  Actually, I hope that throughout my career I can work in as many areas as I can.

I hope that through the films I make and the stories I tell, people will be able to relate and learn from them. That they will be able to connect to my characters, and my stories will make an impact in people’s lives or at least give them a good laugh.