Visual Arts Scholarships

Since it was instituted in 1984, La Quinta Arts Foundation’s Visual Arts Scholarship Program has been dedicated to assisting college bound visual art students realize their education goals.

With the conclusion of LQAF’s 37th season in 2019, we are proud to announce the achievement of over $1.3 million in scholarships awarded to date.

Annual scholarship awards are made possible with proceeds garnered from LQAF events including La Quinta Arts Festival (ranked #1 in the nation); La Quinta Arts Foundation memberships; as well as contributions by community partners, individual donors and memorial contributions.

Ryan Ramirez Memorial Fund

Ryan Ramirez

LQAF thanks and acknowledges Debbie & Roy Ramirez of the Ryan Ramirez Memorial Trust.  In their son Ryan’s name, the Ramirez Family has donated $170,662 to LQAF’s scholarship fund.   Ryan Ramirez was a gifted artist who received a scholarship from LQAF in 1994 and whose memory lives in our hearts.  The generosity of the Ramirez family has enabled over 100 students to achieve their art education goals.

La Quinta Visual Arts Scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year are by invitation only. Our commitment for this year gives support to our existing group of scholars.   

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