Meet current La Quinta Arts Foundation scholarship recipient Lauren Cedar, an arts major at Biola University.  She shares news of art projects, and personal goals, pursuing a career in the arts.

“The La Quinta Arts Foundation Scholarship has generously fueled my determination in successfully pursuing the arts. The support has propelled my career forward, as my education is leading to many open doors. Additionally, it has been an honor working as a direction’s concierge and runner for the La Quinta Arts Festival for several years.

As a student of Fine Arts at Biola University in Los Angeles, I am embracing a clear emphasis in sculpture and photography. My passion in art is to draw from the beauty of nature to evoke personal connection in context, design and substance.

Schedule No. 1 by Lauren Cedar


My 5-foot sculptural work, “Sweet Sting”, was recently featured in the Earl and Virginia Art Gallery on campus. The modernistic lollipop was shown in collaboration with a selected handful of juried pieces for over 4 weeks. I combined colored resin, steel and clay to make the piece come to life. This attracted students’ attention, as the sculpture was a popular favorite on social media around campus.

Sweet Sting by Lauren Cedar

Delicate ceramic pieces have always captivated my creativity. I love experimenting with texture, design, and glazing techniques.  To display the abstract patterns, I created these smaller vases with subdued tones.

Ceramics by Lauren Cedar

Inspired by the beautiful province of British Colombia, the lily pad photo invokes inward silence and calmness amidst an urban landscape. This reflective feeling is one that I personally enjoy and seek in daily life.

Lotus by Lauren Cedar

Study Abroad

Last summer, I studied abroad in Amsterdam and Berlin to examine the historical background of many famous modern and impressionistic painters. Van Gogh inspires me to maintain confidence in my stylistic choices. He was ground-breaking for his time. I strive to reflect his model of quality in everything I produce.

Art and Community

In my work as an educational intern at the Palm Springs Art Museum, I learned the importance of investing in children’s programs and developing thoughtful relations with the public.  Overall, I fully aspire to share the beautiful significance of art with the community.”