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LQAF Scholar Spotlight: Julio Vazquez, Photographer

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Julio Vazquez, a former LQAF Visual Arts Scholar, shares his story of pursuing his education in the arts:

“A few years ago (OK, ten+ years ago) I applied and was honored to become a recipient of a La Quinta Arts Foundation Scholarship.  I want to thank them for their support. The work LQAF does is important and at times crucial for students wanting to pursue an education in the arts.  

I went on to study film and visual storytelling at a four-year school. This was made in part possible by LQAF and I can’t thank them enough.

I started out as a 2D artist. At heart, drawing is my most natural medium and the one I always go back to. Nowadays, I mostly do landscape photography although some of my work falls under street/wildlife/experimental. I like to think of my photography compositions as film stills of some kind of radically evolving storyboard. That’s sort of the way I think of the lens when I’m looking for something to add to the “story”.”

Since it was instituted in 1984, La Quinta Arts Foundation’s Visual Arts Scholarship Program has been dedicated to assisting college bound visual art students realize their education goals.

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