Julio Vazquez, a former LQAF Visual Arts Scholar, shares his story of pursuing his education in the arts:

“A few years ago (OK, ten+ years ago) I applied and was honored to become a recipient of a La Quinta Arts Foundation Scholarship.  I want to thank them for their support. The work LQAF does is important and at times crucial for students wanting to pursue an education in the arts.  

I went on to study film and visual storytelling at a four-year school. This was made in part possible by LQAF and I can’t thank them enough.

I started out as a 2D artist. At heart, drawing is my most natural medium and the one I always go back to. Nowadays, I mostly do landscape photography although some of my work falls under street/wildlife/experimental. I like to think of my photography compositions as film stills of some kind of radically evolving storyboard. That’s sort of the way I think of the lens when I’m looking for something to add to the “story”.”