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Urban Equine – The Art of Donna Bernstein

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BernsteinDonna Bernstein (Painting) McCall, Idaho – Booth #701

The art of Donna Bernstein has been self-coined as “Urban Equine.” She combines a passion for the anatomical horse with a love both of classic gestural drawing and the element of surprise. What gives her work its edge is a deep personal familiarity with the physical horse, and an expansive sense that the movement is bigger than what you see. Donna’s horses move beyond the canvas —a close-up as their energy flashes by — but with a clear glimpse of the intimacy reflected in its eye.

Her Process: “My process moves me around large canvases placed on the floor, as these open white spaces co-create with me. With focused attention to the correct attitude of the horse, I see them in my imagination, not having sketched on the canvas. I paint in quick, concentrated strokes, mixing mediums in freshly layered spontaneity. In some works a final series of wildly contained drips and splashes define each horse’s unique personality and conformation. Their place in the overall composition is revealed.”

Donna Bernstein’s elegant and sophisticated works articulate a simplicity of what is beautiful, in a fluid style that is at home in both formal collections as well as the large-scale spaces of modern design.