Natalie Thornton

Boston College (2011), BA, Economics and Studio Art

Natalie was the recipient numerous awards while at Boston College including:

  • Boston College Student Programs Office Award for Leadership Skills in Creativity
  • Richard and Marianne Martin University Award for Excellence in the Field of Studio Art
  • Critic’s Choice Award at the Boston College Arts Festival
  • Departmental Honors in Fine Art.

Expanding upon her senior thesis entitled, “Musicians of My Imagination,” in which she created hypothetical album covers for her creative identities, Natalie has been working as a freelance designer since graduation. Her main projects include designing a band’s website (The Railflowers) and another band’s album cover (The Loose Handle Band).  She is currently taking an online class in XHTML and CSS Web Design Languages. Her career goals include fusing design with social entrepreneurship and economic development, specifically in the field of industrial design.

Natalie is living in La Quinta (for the summer), but plans to move to San Francisco in the fall to pursue a job in a technology start-up. In a few years she plans to apply to graduate school to pursue a Masters Degree in Industrial Design. Learn more about Natalie’s artistic talents and follow her career on her website: .

Natalie Thornton’s Recent Work