Corina Gamma

UC Riverside (1996), BA, Fine Art
Claremont Graduate University (1998), MFA, Fine Art

Born and raised in Switzerland, Corina lives in Los Angeles and has worked six years for the Stepehen Cohen Gallery organizing art and photography fairs. Additionally, she has taught photography classes at Long Beach City College the past three years, taking the last semester off to pursue a film documentary project in Greenland entitled “Warm Greetings.”

Using photography and video as her main media, Corina has amassed an extensive record of accomplishments involving exhibitions, film projects, publications, and artist residencies on her resume—some of which are listed below.  A complete accounting of her career to date can be viewed on her website:

Solo Exhibitions
2010    Down & Dirty, Wedge Gallery, Woodbury University, Burbank, California
2008    (un) Restricted Pleasures, D.E.N. Contemporary, Culver City, California
2003    Memories, Apertura Gallery, Switzerland
2000    Dwelling, ASU Museum, Experimental Gallery, Tempe, Arizona

Artist Residencies
2010   Antartica
2009   Greenland
1999 – 2005   Downtown Women’s Center (DWC), a shelter for homeless women in downtown Los Angeles. The residency involved art-workshops and photo projects with women visiting the shelter. Out of the residency developed the 50-minute documentary, Ties on a Fence: Women in Downtown Los Angeles Speak Out.

Documentary Project
Ties on a Fence: Women in Downtown Los Angeles Speak Out – 50 minute Film Documentary first cut 2004 / final cut 2006. Director / Producer: Corina Gamma; Co-Producer: Gizi Weibel
Awards:  Best Documentary, Santa Clarita Film Festival, 2005; Best Documentary, Black Earth Film Festival in Galesburg Illinois, 2004