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Nancy and David Marks Scholarship Spotlight: Landon Duarte

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Landon Duarte, a direct recipient of the Nancy and David Marks Scholarship award and two time LQAF scholarship recipient, is attending the University of Redlands, double majoring in Graphic Design and Visual & Media Studies.  As Head of Marketing for his class and Co-Director of Digital Media for Social Affairs, Landon excels in his role as a creative leader–contributing his talents to clubs and organizations on campus.

Landon Duarte

Graphic Design by Landon Duarte

Landon works in the creative department in the Office of Advancement, where he designs and constructs many aspects of Alumni events such as hand painted signs, table markers, and name tags.  His supervisor applauds his talents, saying “He has created numerous posters, infographics, university program decorations, conference posters, invitations, residence hall decorations and bulletin boards.  His vision and recognizable artistic style are well known and trusted across campus. Importantly, I trust he will always create something new and innovative to fit the topic, and complete the task in a timely fashion.”

After earning dual degrees at the University of Redlands, Landon plans to pursue a graduate program in Leadership and Management, in order to develop a career in marketing and advertising.


In keeping with LQAF’s mission of “Promoting and Cultivating the Arts,” annual scholarship awards are made possible with proceeds garnered from LQAF public art events including the La Quinta Arts Festival, plus La Quinta Arts Foundation memberships and contributions by sponsors, community partners and memorial contributions.  LQAF scholarship recipients are eligible to receive funding for up to five years.

The Visual Arts Scholarship Program is designed to assist local college-bound art students, and returning scholarship recipients, as they work toward a career in the field of visual arts.  Since the program was instituted in 1984, La Quinta Arts Foundation has awarded more than $1.23 million dollars in scholarships to local students pursuing college degrees in the field of visual arts.