La Quinta Arts Foundation visual arts scholar Elisha Kolp is an aspiring designer, studying at California State University Long Beach’s Design program.

“It is really great to be able to make actual things that work and still be artistic,” shares Elisha. “Thank you all so much for the scholarship, it has helped me so very much in the effort and in the required supplies for these classes.”

For her Fall semester, she enjoyed working on numerous design projects:

Skull-themed phone stand – Colors themed after popular Halloween colors


Quad-lock bike mount – Colors inspired by Pokemon pokeballs (regular, great and ultra)

Fish bone bookmark inspired by fish skeletons

For the final of her computer drafting and design class, she created a portfolio website, where you can see more of her designs:

In addition to her digital and 3D studio, she also enjoys working with her hands to make artistic objects. For the final of her shop class, she designed and made this small coffee table.


After graduating, she plans to pursue a career designing artistic furniture.