Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight: Stephen Schubert

Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight: Stephen Schubert

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Inhaling the scent of a water lily at the age of eight in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden was, I believe, the first time I experienced intoxication. The combined beauty and overwhelming fragrance imprinted in my mind forever,

— L.A. based artist Stephen Schubert


Have you ever sat around a table of great, simple food and wine and felt transported? Or gotten lost in a soft focus dream? This is what contemporary artist Stephen Schubert likes to explore in his work; finding out where we find ourselves. His process is mostly unconscious.

Captivated by themes of transitions and transformations, his abstracts are created on elevated birch panels with a technique that includes placing up to 15 layers of paint. His approach includes dragging a spackle knife, board or other found object over the wood surface, then applying a topcoat of resin. But it doesn’t end there; Stephen then begins the process all over again. The result of this labor intensive process? — a phenomenal vibrancy, great depth of color and surprising imagery.

Stephen has a love of foreign cinema. He’s been fortunate to attend film festivals around the world, which provide him with stimulation and inspiration from watching different perspectives on screen as well as from the cities and towns in which the festivals take place.

No stranger to television and film sets, his work was prominently featured in the Steve Carrell film, “Dinner for Schmucks.”  Prior to becoming an artist, Stephen began his career acting and was the spokesman for Lincoln Mercury, Macy’s and guest anchored on the E! Channel. He was also seen on a classic Seinfeld episode.

Specializing in custom work, Stephen loves collaborating with designers and on projects for high-end residential, hospitality and health care design.


Fresh from exhibiting at LQAF’s recent 2014 La Quinta Arts Festival, Stephen Schubert is a Featured Artist at Art Under the Umbrellas on March 22, 2014. It’s the last one this season, so don’t miss it.