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Art Under the Umbrellas Artist Spotlight: Sarah Anderson

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Sarah Anderson, Glass Beads from Florence

Following a two week trip to Italy in September, Jeweler Sarah Anderson—consistently a top seller at LQAF’s “Art Under the Umbrellas” shows—returned home refreshed,   inspired, and motivated to design a whole new jewelry  line for the current season of  “Umbrella” events.

Sarah observed that the fall fashion shows portrayed long narrow sweaters, and long necklaces that are multiples – two or three.  Silver was hot!  Now on a quest, Sarah sought out and purchased handmade, wire-wrapped beads, and then negotiated the sale of an entire cache of Chanel ice pink beads that were over-runs from Chanel’s collection.  What a coup!

While in Florence, Sarah took a class from an Italian artisan who works with very fine and soft wire mesh ribbon that can be manipulated and fanned.  Her good fortune continuing, she was able to buy beads from a glass blower who also teaches classes.  Sarah plans to return to Florence next summer to take his class as well.

Sarah Anderson,
Silver & Pearl Necklace

Sarah Anderson and her line of the latest, trendiest, jewelry will be on exhibit at all Art Under the Umbrellas events held at Old Town La Quinta throughout the 2010-11 Season.