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Art Under the Umbrellas | Artist Spotlight: Bart Aldrich

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Bart Aldrich Photo Art is a Featured Artist at Art Under the Umbrellas, starts Nov. 16th

Art Under the Umbrellas | Artist Spotlight: Bart Aldrich

Photographer Bart Aldrich – Bart Aldrich Photo Art – spent the off months from the desert art show circuit enjoying a number of working trips with partner Ben in search of new photographic material for their portfolio. Their major excursion was to Greece in September-October which included Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens. Click here to preview this stunning work.              

 Other trips closer to home included a drive up the California coast to Big Sur and various local “grab the camera gear and go” outings as the weather and sudden inspirations presented themselves. Mixed in were a few art shows along the San Diego coast including San Diego, La Jolla and Point Loma and some upgrading of their photographic gear – a new camera and lenses.


Bart and Ben will share these journeys with their envious public, along with Bart’s Abstract Photo-Painting and landscapes through their specialized photographic exhibitions at all 2013/14 Art Under the Umbrellas shows and at La Quinta Arts Festival 2014.


Bart Aldrich is a Featured Artist at the November 16, 2013 Art Under the Umbrellas show at Old Town La Quinta, 10 am to 4 pm with free admission and free parking.