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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight: C. Elizabeth Smathers

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C. Elizabeth Smathers | Mixed Media 2D/3D

Tulsa, OK | Booth # 756

C. Elizabeth Smathers has been working as a fiber artist for over thirty years. While she used to create tapestries and rugs, she has been focusing on baskets for the last fourteen years. A move from Memphis, TN to Tulsa, OK led to a show in Tulsa, where she had some of her baskets on display. This led to an invite from a gallery to display her baskets, which led to her basket-making career taking off! 

C. Elizabeth Smathers employs the continuous coiled basket technique to create her beautiful and remarkable baskets. She uses long-leaf pine needles from Florida or South Georgia, either Raku Clay or Wood for the vessel, and natural or died raffia or waxed linen for the decorative stitching. The artist adds interesting design elements to each basket and is influenced by “nature and the beauty it provides”. Visit C. Elizabeth Smathers at her booth, ask her how long it takes to complete a row of stitching, and take home a beautiful basket!