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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight | Daphne Covington

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Daphne Covington | Mixed Media

Smyrna, GA | Booth #321

Daphne Covington has always known she was going to be an artist. She writes that “around the age of 8, I began signing my work “Daphne the Artist” and “Daphne the Great.” I have pursued that dream, completely self-taught, since that time”. Before she got into Mixed Media, she did needlepoint, fabric and furniture design, and ceramics. In 2000 she began working as a mixed-media painter drawing on influences such as Picasso, Chagall Matisse, Kandinsky and Basquiat.

Daphne starts each painting with either a canvas or hand-made paper and sculpts her paintings with layers of wet and dry mediums using oils, chalks, colored pencils, charcoal and ink. Her finished art work is very tactile, bold and abstract to the point where you can project what representational qualities you see in each piece.  When viewing her work, you will feel her approach to the blank canvas in an unstructured way, expressing an energy that is uniquely hers.    

Visit Daphne in her booth, it will be her first visit to Festival and she is coming all the way from Georgia with her expressive and colorful work.