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Student Tours at La Quinta Arts Festival 2019

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On Friday, March 8th, La Quinta Arts Foundation welcomed over 100 local elementary school students to enjoy a guided tour of La Quinta Arts Festival 2019. Student groups visited with artists in their booths, and learned about their unique artistic processes. Our young guests were particularly interested in the colorful kinetic sculptures from Andrew Carson, and the ceramics sculptures by Sumati and Michael Colpitts. 

Students gather for a guided tour at La Quinta Arts Festival

Kinetic art sculpture by Andrew Carson. Photo by Jessica Soto.

Students view the art by Andrew Carson.

Students view ceramic art by Sumati and Michael Colpitts.

Ceramic art by Sumati and Michael Colpitts. Photo by Jessica Soto.


Thank you to all the artists, chaperones and youth for participating in the student tours at La Quinta Arts Festival!