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Sponsor Spotlight: Rabobank

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Rabobank has again committed to continue its alliance with La Quinta Arts Foundation as a major sponsor for our 2013/14 slate of programs and events that serve LQAF’S non-profit mission of “Promoting and Cultivating the Arts.”

Rabobank Group  is one of the largest banks in the world, with over $800 billion in assets, 10 million customers, and operates globally in more than 48 countries.

Sponsor Spotlight: RabobankOriginally founded over 110 years ago in the Netherlands, Rabobank was a rural credit cooperative by Dutch farmers who sought to provide their rural communities with access to fair and reliable sources of credit, and to help build and support each other’s businesses. Reflecting its heritage, the Rabobank of today retains a strong cooperative culture, not a shareholder-driven institution that distributes dividends. Instead, Rabobank reinvests profits to grow businesses locally, remaining true its core mission to serve the economic interests of its members and customers. 

Rabobank’s stellar reputation and commitment to community, following the Netherlands’ tradition of strong support for the arts and culture, makes this partnership a great fit with La Quinta Arts Foundation and our flagship program La Quinta Arts Festival, the #1Fine Art Festival in the Nation. With proceeds garnered from events, memberships, donations, and sponsorships, LQAF has awarded almost $1.1 million in scholarship awards to local students pursuing a college education in the arts.

Stop in and see Becky Baroni and the friendly Rabobank crew in… 

La Quinta – 51290 Avenida Bermudas | (760) 836-3036.

Tell them how much their commitment to the community means to La Quinta Arts Foundation – and while you are there check out their new and innovative banking programs and tools.

We all succeed in partnership! Thank you Rabobank!