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Scott & Naomi Schoenherr design Heisler Park Sculpture Garden

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Scott and Naomi Schoenherr - Heisler Park Sculpture GardenIn June 2012 Scott and Naomi Schoenherr were awarded by unanimous vote a $100,000 commission by the City of Laguna Beach to create an Art in Public Places installation for the Heisler Park renovation project. The Schoenherr’s proposal was selected from entries submitted by 42 artists competing to design a sculpture garden in a 23 by 54 foot area. The requirements called for submissions from California residents and work based on Shelley Cooper’s poem “Sparkle (Giggle Crack)” – read the poem here. Artists had to also factor in existing pathways and create seating arrangements. Sculptures could not be taller than six feet.

The Schoenherr scheme is comprised of three elements; the sculpture, seating and inset sidewalk installations are created of handmade ceramics, stainless steel and rock. “Our goal of this sculpture garden was to create an environment where the visitors can encounter and explore through the artwork with elements of discovery,” stated Scott. “Many cohesive elements were used to create a flow through the sculpture garden, connecting each artwork and also the city to the ocean. This project consists of four mosaics, a 6′ high by 4.5′ wide bronze sculpture with ceramic inlay, large natural stone slab benches and another bronze sculpture with ceramic inlay. The art highlights the natural history and environment of Heisler Park.”

“Time Connected” shows interlocking wheels filled in with ceramic tiles showing images of local plants and insects. “The Tidal Pull,” is centered on stainless steel fish textured and patinaed to show scales, fins and eyes and the fish appear to swim in circular motions, even under some of the benches. “Continuous Rotation” is crafted from natural stone and tiles glazed with a ripple pattern replicating the flow of water. 

         Scott and Naomi Schoenherr - Heisler Park Sculpture GardenScott and Naomi Schoenherr - Heisler Park Sculpture GardenScott and Naomi Schoenherr - Heisler Park Sculpture Garden

The new Heisler Park Sculpture Garden was dedicated by the City of Laguna Beach Art in Public Places in a ceremony held on September 21, 2012.

The Schoenherrs have documented this project on their website. This is the second Schoenherr proposal to be selected by the Laguna Beach Arts Commission. Their work previously was chosen for the façade of the public restrooms in the parking lot between Ocean Avenue and Forest Lane.

The husband and wife team are both graduates of Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. They are best known for their Full Moon Clay Company “Commuter” series of hand sculpted ceramics that make you smile. These ceramic sculptures are inspired by the timeless designs of Corvette, Porsche, Woody and other classic cars. They are individually hand crafted and multi-fired to achieve their rich surface; then accentuated with 24 karat gold and platinum.

                   Scott and Naomi Schoenherr - Commuter SeriesScott and Naomi Schoenherr - Commuter Series

Scott and Naomi have been selected as Featured Artists
for La Quinta Arts Festival 2013