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Remembering Nancy Marks

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Nancy and David Marks Memorial Scholarship

Nancy marksNancy Marks (1918-2010) will be forever remembered as a powerhouse of a woman: vivacious, inspiring, a natural leader, committed to her communities, and with an astonishing zest for life. During her lifetime she earned the moniker ‘Living Treasure’.

Born in New York, she grew up in New Jersey and then later in life divided her time between New Jersey and La Quinta. Nancy served as president of the La Quinta Arts Foundation in the early nineties and was instrumental in bringing members to the foundation and organizing fundraiser campaigns. These campaigns allowed the foundation to flourish and led among many other things, to the purchase of new offices for the foundation. Nancy also spearheaded several educational programs for the valley’s youth, allowing the children access to art and creativity that they may otherwise not have had.

When Nancy’s husband David passed away in 1997, she set up a scholarship in his name to help aid a student in their quest for an education in art. After Nancy passed away in 2010, her children kept the scholarship alive by annually contributing to the scholarship fund. The Nancy and David Marks Memorial Scholarship creates opportunities for talented, aspiring artists from the valley and the La Quinta Arts Foundation is grateful for the continued partnership with Mark’s family.

In keeping with LQAF’s mission of “Promoting and Cultivating the Arts,” annual scholarship awards are made possible with proceeds garnered from LQAF public art events including the La Quinta Arts Festival, plus La Quinta Arts Foundation memberships and contributions by sponsors, community partners and memorial contributions.  LQAF scholarship recipients are eligible to receive funding for up to five years.

The Visual Arts Scholarship Program is designed to assist local college-bound art students, and returning scholarship recipients, as they work toward a career in the field of visual arts.  Since the program was instituted in 1984, La Quinta Arts Foundation has awarded more than $1,190,000 dollars in scholarships to local students pursuing college degrees in the field of visual arts.