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Mural Masterpiece Comes to Life at 37th La Quinta Arts Festival

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On Saturday, March 9, La Quinta Arts Festival welcomed artist Peter Tigler to design and orchestrate a public participation art mural.

The fun interactive activity was made possible with an ArtsTank Greater Palm Springs grant from the California Desert Arts Council.

Designed as a vintage postcard reflecting our fabulous desert lifestyle, festivalgoers selected a small paint-filled cup to match a number on the specially designed 7×15 foot canvas and set about finger painting their claimed space.

The sheer joy of expression was palpable among the young and not-so-young as they contributed throughout the day to make the image come to life.  

See photos of the day and the final mural below:

Artist Peter Tigler welcoming participants with open arms to paint the mural.


What’s this – it looks like fun!


A participant paints the mountains in the distance.


Over the course of the day, recognizable elements began to appear— our mountain backdrop and blue desert sky, palm trees, a pool scene, citrus and flowers, a tennis scene, and a smiling woman donning sunglasses.


Participants fingerpainting the public participation art mural.


Young participants adding their finishing touches to the figures by the pool scene.

A couple returned on Sunday to celebrate the finished mural and took pride in noting their specific creative contributions!


The completed masterpiece!


Thank you to Peter Tigler, his team, and to all La Quinta Arts Festival-goers for sharing your creative spirit with us! 

Stay tuned at to discover future locations where you can see the mural courtesy of California Desert Arts Council.