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Media Categories for 2010 Arts Festival

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Fine Craft


Barry and Rosalind Hage

In this category, any material or construction may be used. Ceramic pieces designed to be functional or fine cutting boards of hardwoods are included. It also includes work such as furniture, musical instruments, baskets, stained glass, lathe turned wood, hand blown glass, etc.



David Bjurstrom

This category includes work that is made directly by hand onto a finished surface. An exception to this is drawing via a digitizing device. It will be acceptable to use computer software to create an image that is subsequently printed one time only on a laser or ink jet printer. If multiple copies are made, however, they will be regarded to be reproductions and must, therefore, meet the requirements of Eligibility. Please read carefully.





Adam Neeley

Jewelry is a specialized area within the larger field of crafts but because of widespread interest and activity, it is judged as a separate category. Work should be wearable – either in direct contact with the body (rings, bracelets, earrings, etc.) or designed to be worn with or on clothes (brooches, pins, etc.) There are no limitations regarding the range of materials and processes that are used. However, all work must be handcrafted by the exhibiting artist(s), should display a high degree of skill, and should be an original design.



Mixed Media


Kari Von Wening and Jan Bush

This category includes work that incorporates more than one type of material. Both 2D and 3D are included. Utilizing a different medium as an under painting or in a minor secondary role does not meet the intention of this category. Materials that are used must be evident in the finished work.





Sang Choi

This category includes two-dimensional images other than drawing, printmaking, or photography. It includes all forms of application of paint, dyes (such as batik), and similarly applied materials. It is acceptable to use computer software to create an image that is subsequently printed one time only on a laser or ink jet printer as a painting. If multiple images are made, the results are, in fact, reproductions and must meet the requirements of Eligibility. Please read carefully.





Youngbok Park

In this category, the camera is the principal means by which an image is made. One of kind prints, as well as multiple prints are included. An image created on photographic paper by direct exposure, without a camera, is also acceptable. Prints made from negatives or digital files and manipulated with computer programs and printed on large scale ink jet printers are included here as well. Photographs used in a collage or composite must be made by the artists, and are included in this category.





Tanya Doskova

This category includes any method used to pull an image from a surface (stone, block, plate, screen, etc.) that is prepared by the artist. The image may be deposited on any type of surface (paper, foils, films, cloth, etc.) All prints are to be signed and numbered.






Jason Napier

Work made of any material or combination of materials and is three-dimensional (other than fine crafts or mixed media) is included in this category. Sculpture is usually regarded to be non-functional. Limited editions are permitted if signed and numbered.






Peggoty Christensen

The focus is on unique, high quality, and original design. No studio production or manufacturing operations are permitted. Concentration is not only on fine wearables, but also items of decor – wall hangings, woven rugs, fine leather goods, etc.  The booth display and presentation are a major consideration with this category, as well as the artist statement. The artist is to be involved with the execution of the entire process.