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McQuaid Art Glass Completes Laguna Beach Art Installation

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Jason & Nicole McQuaid of McQuaid Art Glass, Complete Laguna Beach Art in Public Places Installation


Blown-glass artists Jason and Nicole McQuaid, McQuaid Art Glass, have designed, created, and installed a sculpture commissioned by the Beverly Hills-based Obagi Skin Health Institute for its recently opened Laguna Beach location.  The Obagi Project was designed by local architect Horst Noppenberger.

In Laguna Beach new construction with commercial space must have an outdoor public display of artwork. After interviewing several artists, the building owners and architect chose the design submitted by Jason and Nicole, which was unanimously approved by the Laguna Beach Arts Commission and City Council last spring.

McQuaid Art Glass Completes Laguna Beach Art InstallationThe stunning tower is supported by glass panels which house the suspended spheres. Attached to the stainless steel mesh and cap at the top of the tower are individual cables holding the internally lit glass blown orbs. It sits in a bed of tumbled white marble which is contained by a framework of corten steel. The dimensions of the tower itself are 10′ x 2′ x 2′, but the tower stands almost 12′ from the ground when the raised bed is included. Look for it on the ocean side of Coast Hwy. in Laguna Beach between St. Anns and Thaila St., 883 South Coast Hwy.

The McQuaid family has a long history of dual-residence at Laguna Beach and La Quinta, and has recently chosen to make La Quinta their primary residence. Jason and Nicole are regular exhibitors at Art Under the Umbrellas and La Quinta Arts Festival.