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LQAF Volunteer Spotlight: Deborah Clark

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Deborah Clark (Festival Shop, Ambassador/Steward, Judge’s Guide, Information, Artist’s Reception and Golf Cart Driver)

The first time Deborah Clark attended La Quinta Arts Festival she fell in love. She remembers her first experience, “I thought, ‘This is a cool, cool Arts Festival’ – and trust me – I’ve been to a lot of them!”

She moved part-time to the Coachella Valley and decided La Quinta Arts Festival was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people “and in my age group” she adds. Since then, Deborah has served 10 years with LQAF and in many volunteer roles such as a Steward/Ambassador, Golf Cart Driver, Artist Reception, Judges Guide as well as an all-around Helper.

Her favorite roles (she couldn’t just choose one) included Judge’s Guide and Golf Cart Driver. She explains, “I really learned so much from the judges about what they know and see.” Although the volunteer job of escorting judges is no longer available, she still has the opportunity to learn from the artists while assisting with set-up and breakdown of Festival as a Golf Cart Driver.

During La Quinta Arts Festival 2018, Deborah led poster signing and rolling with featured artist, Erin Hanson. She couldn’t roll fast enough this year. The poster was a very popular item.  One of the perks of being a poster volunteer– she’s been able to collect them all. “I have the posters hanging all over my garage in Tahoe AND in La Quinta!”

Volunteers such as Deborah are the movers and shakers behind the scenes that enable La Quinta Arts Festival to run seemingly effortlessly. Visit the LQAF Volunteer page to discover how you can help!