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LQAF Volunteer Spotlight: Claire and Carolyn

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Claire Swan and Carolyn Todd have partnered as Co-Chairs at La Quinta Arts Festival, where they bring strong customer service skills, attention to detail, and accuracy.  They amazingly serve the needs of the artists, while ensuring a pleasant and efficient operation. La Quinta Arts Festival would not be a success without these two capable women!

Why do you love being a volunteer with La Quinta Arts Foundation?

Claire: I love being a part of our large volunteer group that works together for the success of this fabulous event in our La Quinta community each year. We all bring our own set of skills and talents as volunteers at LQAF. I can utilize my skills in accounting to contribute to an important part of the Festival for the Artists and the Foundation. I also love the volunteers that I work with every year and the Staff members at LQAF.

Carolyn: I love being a volunteer for La Quinta Arts Festival because I enjoy being a part of, and making a contribution to, such a wonderful, nationally recognized event. I enjoy helping the artists whenever I can.

LQAF Volunteers Claire and Carolyn

How long have you been supporting La Quinta Arts Festival as a volunteer?

Claire: I have been supporting La Quinta Arts Festival as a volunteer for six years. We have a great team, many of whom return every year to help.

Carolyn: I first volunteered for the Festival in 2002 and have served as chair or a co-chair since 2006. 

               Carolyn and volunteers

Share a favorite memory volunteering over the years.

Claire: I remember a couple of years ago, one of our first-time artists came in during the festival to share with us that he had just sold his first beautiful sculpture piece. He was so excited! He went on to sell many more. All of us celebrate the Artists’ success.
Carolyn: My best memories are of all the wonderful volunteers who work in Finance year after year and the Foundation staff who are so supportive.    

         Volunteers at La Quinta Arts Festival

How would you describe La Quinta Arts Festival to someone who has never been?

Claire: Well, the first thing I always say is that you simply must go to understand how outstanding the event is. The setting is magnificent and the Art is so exceptional that it takes more than a day to see everything. I recommend to everyone to get the multi-day pass and they never regret it.

La Quinta Arts Festival

The 37th La Quinta Arts Festival is March 7-10, 2019. Learn more and buy tickets: La Quinta Arts Festival

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