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LQAF Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Helm

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Amy Helm volunteers as La Quinta Arts Festival Chair of Artist Registration. With her team making the first impression for our participating artists arriving on site, she sets a high standard of attentive service, welcoming hospitality, and all around helpful support. We are grateful for her ability to multi-task various matters, while remaining calm and prepared.

How would you describe La Quinta Arts Festival to someone who has never been?

A beautiful venue, fabulous art (voted number 1 fine art festival in the country!), music, and food, all nestled against the beautiful Santa Rosa Mountains.  You really need to experience it to understand how soul-soothing the event is.  You’ll be immersed in beauty.


Could you share your experience volunteering your talents at La Quinta Arts Festival?

After we moved to La Quinta in 2003, I wanted to do something to support my community, meet new friends, and have fun.  After our first La Quinta Arts Festival, I knew that’s where I wanted to utilize my experiences in business.  I have volunteered in the office, selling tickets, being an ambassador, and since 2009, working the two days of Artists Registration. Last year, I became chairperson of Artist Registration.  

Why do you enjoy being a La Quinta Arts Foundation volunteer?

I enjoy all the people associated with La Quinta Arts Foundation.  I love feeling like a part of such an amazing event; there are so many aspects to putting it together.  And one of my favorite parts has been talking with artists from all over the country.  And chairing Artist Registration has allowed me to utilize many of my organizational and management abilities.  It’s been very rewarding. 


LQAF seeks volunteers for the 37th La Quinta Arts Festival, March 7-10, 2019.  For more information and to sign-up by the deadline of February 8th, contact Jasmine Duran at (760) 564.1244 x 106 or email

To learn more about Volunteer opportunities, visit: Volunteer with LQAF

The 37th La Quinta Arts Festival is March 7-10, 2019. Learn more: La Quinta Arts Festival