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LQAF Scholarship Spotlight: Sofia Enriquez

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LQAF catches up with a recipient of LQAF Visual Arts Scholarship, Sofia Enriquez, an active artist in the Coachella Valley.

sofia working on mural

Sofia Enriquez

What are you working on lately?
I’m currently working on my own business called, Create & Destroy. It is a traveling art studio for kids in 1st- 8th grade in the Palm Springs Unified School District. I’m also working with the Palm Springs Art Museum as an art educator in their Art Within Reach program.

sofia enriquez teaching youth

Sofia working with youth

As an active artist, I keep my creative flow by painting on vintage clothes, canvases, shoes, and make my own painted bags that I sell whenever I have a pop up shop opportunity. That way I’m constantly working on new art.

sofia enriquez canvas art

Painted bag by Sofia Enriquez

Besides cranking out merchandise, I work on painting at a much larger scale and tying to put more murals out in the Coachella valley. I currently have one in Coachella off of Harrison and Baghdad. My next location will be in either Desert Hot Springs or Cathedral City.

sofia enriquez mural view

“Empowerment of Women”, mural by Sofia Enriquez

Can you share any advice for our younger artists now working on their art?
I think all the students that are applying for art scholarships need to get ready for crazy world the creative community has to offer. Putting yourself out there in an artistic way can really be intimidating at first because it’s so personal, but it’s best to do it! It’s important to volunteer in the art community. That’s how people get to know you, and how you get to know yourself and what you really have to offer. Time is more important than money. Plus you never know what kinds of artistic opportunities you will approach when you make your talents available.

Art by Sofia Enriquez

Art by Sofia Enriquez

The Visual Arts Scholarship Program is designed to assist local college-bound art students, and returning scholarship recipients, as they work toward a career in the field of visual arts.  Since the program was instituted in 1984, La Quinta Arts Foundation has awarded more than $1,190,000 dollars in scholarships to local students pursuing college degrees in the field of visual arts.