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LQAF Scholarship Spotlight: Cristian Cabrera

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LQAF Scholarship recipient Cristian Cabrera has been studying ceramics for several years.  She is currently enrolled at UC Davis, where she is pursuing her art degree.

“There is nothing more enjoyable to me than to sit down and let my ideas form through clay.  While I specialize in sculpture, I also enjoy using the wheel and I am always eager to learn new techniques,” says Cabrera. “My dream is to open up my own ceramics studio.  I want to be able to have my own space to create my own work.  I also want to have a studio so I can teach classes and share my love of ceramics with other people. ”

Cristian Cabrera

The Heart by Cristian Cabrera


Cristian Cabrera

Of Pain & Agony Series by Cristian Cabrera


This past holiday season, Cristian sent LQAF a nice note:

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“Dear La Quinta Arts, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support throughout my years at COD.  I am currently attending UC Davis, and hopefully in two years I will get my art degree.  I really love the university and the small town feel.  The ceramics department is amazing and I am learning so much.  I have met nice people and I was fortunate enough to get an on campus job right away.  I just wanted to wish a happy holiday season and to let you know how grateful I am towards the foundation.  With love, Cristian Cabrera ”




The Visual Arts Scholarship Program is designed to assist local college-bound art students, and returning scholarship recipients, as they work toward a career in the field of visual arts.