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LQAF Scholarship recipient James Galindo | Art On Exhibit

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James Galindo: Soft EdgesRecent Works on View in Palm Desert

Former La Quinta Arts Foundation scholarship recipient James Galindo is back in town for the reception of his exhibit, Soft Edges, at the prestigious Dawson Cole Gallery in Palm Desert. Featuring his figurative work as well as some of his still life, it is a must see for those interested in young and talented artists hailing from the Coachella Valley. Galindo will be at the opening reception on Nov 23rd, 2013 from 5-8pm.

A native of Palm Springs and currently located in Huntington Beach, Galindo studied Fine Art at the Laguna College of Art and Design, working towards a Masters in Fine Art. The LQAF scholarship program supported his education for the entirety of his seven years of schooling, funding a portion of his annual college fees. He highly appreciated being able “to reapply for the scholarship each year, unlike many scholarships that like to get you in the door but don’t continue to support students for the remainder of their education.” 


Figurative and still life inform Galindo’s work and he is influenced by the great masters such as John Singer Sargent, Claude Monet and Edgar Degas, as well as more contemporary influences such as Jeremy Lipking, Joseph Todorovitch and Richard Schmid. 

His paintings evoke the language of the old masters in how he approaches the female form and still life and his use of shadows and light. They have a timeless feel to them. Yet some of his work is also rooted in contemporary techniques and look. In part, Galindo gives away his temporality by way of the clothing that some of his models wear or their hair style. Galindo has also chosen to leave the canvas unfinished, a process that a few current artists have adopted. He writes “I like it because it makes the subjects appear as though they are emerging from the raw canvas, kind of like the painting is coming to life.”

Since graduating with the MFA in 2009, he has been working in the fine art industry, teaching classes, doing commissions and painting. He is represented by the Dawson Cole Gallery as well as the Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara.

The show will be up from Nov 13rd to Dec 2, 2013. The opening is on Saturday, Nov 23rd from 5-8pm.

Dawson Cole Gallery | El Paseo Drive | 73-199 El Paseo, Suite H, Palm Desert CA.