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LQAF Response To Desert Sun Report

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Dear Friends and Supporters of La Quinta Arts Foundation (LQAF) and La Quinta Arts Festival,

An article appeared in the Friday, June 8, 2018 on-line edition of The Desert Sun followed by a front- page article on June 11th in The Desert Sun print edition.

There is much more to the story and LQAF wishes to share the following information to provide full context to our evaluation process.

La Quinta Arts Festival has been successfully presented at the Civic Center Park since 2005.  The City advised LQAF the Civic Center Park will not be available for 2020, due to its street construction project.  In fact for the past several years, the City’s development plans have jeopardized production of the Festival at the Civic Center Park and it has issued LQAF ‘Notices to Vacate’ on two prior occasions.  

Contrary to The Desert Sun headlines, LQAF is not in a dispute with the City, and we have not levied any threats.  LQAF said it would consider the SilverRock Resort planned park when completed at a future date. 

LQAF has clearly stated the infrastructure needs for a successful Festival to the SilverRock park development Ad-Hoc Committee. For all of the reasons stated in our correspondence to the City, LQAF believes committing to the Festival at SilverRock Resort for 2020 is irresponsible.

The LQAF Board of Directors take its responsibility seriously and will not jeopardize the organization’s resources or stature by being forced to commit to a location that is not likely to be ready in 2020, and ultimately may be unsuitable to host La Quinta Arts Festival as patrons and artists expect.  

We also feel it important to share additional information about the significant positive impact La Quinta Arts Foundation and La Quinta Arts Festival has contributed to the community over the years.  La Quinta Arts Foundation events, including La Quinta Arts Festival, have posted more than $60 million in art sales enabling the livelihoods of working artists since 1983.  The success of La Quinta Arts Festival has given more than 400 students the opportunity of a college education with $1.3 million in scholarships awarded.  The City of La Quinta annually captures almost $70,000 in sales tax and business license fees from La Quinta Arts Festival.  The total annual economic impact of La Quinta Arts Festival was valued at more than $20 million according to a 2013 Patron Survey.

We invite you to examine all of the documentation as listed below in this LQAF Position on planned park at SilverRock to learn about the issues and how we are attempting to navigate the challenges before us.   You are most welcome to contact us with any questions you may have.

Timeline of La Quinta Arts Foundation and City of La Quinta Negotiations Regarding La Quinta Arts Festival Location

May 7, 2018 Letter to Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Chair, SilverRock park project Ad-Hoc Committee

May 14, 2018 Letter to Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Chair, SilverRock park project Ad-Hoc Committee

May 21, 2018 Letter to Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Chair, SilverRock park project Ad-Hoc Committee

June 4, 2018 LQAF Response to Questions Posed on Jun 1, 2018 from Sherry Barkas, The Desert Sun

SilverRock Event Site Plan

SilverRock Event Site Ad-Hoc Committee Timeline

SilverRock Event Site Budget
(Note: By comparison, the City of Rancho Mirage spent $7.1 million to remodel the Rancho Mirage Community Park, November 6, 2014.)

Hermann Design Group Priority List Revised 4/6/2018
(Note: The Ad-Hoc Committee prioritized items over items critical to LQAF production needs, one of which is excluded by this list, data cable. Festival artists will be unable to conduct sales without connectivity.)

Hermann Design Group Preliminary Opinion of Probable Cost 4/9/2018