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LQAF Grant Supports Music Program at Adams Elementary School

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Adams Elementary School Music Program 3Always an advocate for the arts in education, La Quinta Arts Foundation (LQAF) has agreed to support the John Adams Elementary Music Program with an initial one year grant for one third the program cost in the amount of $2,100. In addition, LQAF will match dollar for dollar raised by Adams Elementary school up to $1,050 for a total possible donation not to exceed $3,150. The grant will help cover the costs of musical instruments (recorders) and the music instructor’s salary.

With diminishing response to La Quinta Arts Foundation’s Art History Docent Program over the past years due to internal issues within the public school system, LQAF has been investigating alternative means of outreach community engagement. This summer Adams Elementary in La Quinta presented a proposal for support of their music program taught in the third and fourth grades — a similar age/class target as LQAF’s docent program.

Principal Patricia Rice stated in her proposal that Adams Elementary strives to provide a balanced academic program for all students in which music is a vital part of the curriculum. The music program serves over 100 students receiving classes once a week throughout the school year. Students learn to read music, play the recorder, dance, and perform which helps students gain confidence and knowledge. Students are exposed to history through the understanding of various composers and genres of music and conclude the instruction year with school wide performances, which include dance and visual arts components.  This program relies solely on financial support raised through donations from parents, after-school fundraising efforts, and local community grants.

Adams Elementary School Music Program 2The music instructor, Mr. Robert O’Connor, is a Julliard trained professional musician who has become an integral part of the community. O’Connor also has a direct relationship with LQAF as a frequent performer on keyboards with the Steve Madaio Band at La Quinta Arts Festival and Art Under the Umbrellas.

LQAF Executive Director Christi Salamone offered the following statement: “Fulfilling our nonprofit mission of Promoting and Cultivating the Arts, La Quinta Arts Foundation is proud to have the opportunity to partner with Adams Elementary School to continue the music program for the benefit and enrichment of our Valley students.”  These efforts are made possible with proceeds from other successful LQAF programs such as the annual La Quinta Arts Festival and Art Under the Umbrellas series.