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LQAF Gallery Spotlight: Nick Leonoff

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 Glass artist Nick Leonoff currently operates his studio and gallery in his hometown of Carmel Valley Village, CA.  


Nick began working with glass as an apprentice to Alan Masaoka, a stained glass artist in 1998. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in 2002. Nick returned to glass in 2004 when Alan Masaoka introduced him to glass blowing. From then on, he became hooked on learning more.  He has developed an impressive breadth of knowledge in the field of glass art. Some of his significant teachers include: Kait Rhoads, expert in Italian Cane and Murrini patterning techniques; Davide Salvadora, a Murano Maestro, and Martin Janecky, a premier glass sculptor from Czech Republic. In addition to studying with a variety of glass artists, he deepened his education at schools across the country including Pilchuck Glass School, and the Studio at Corning Museum of Glass.

Glass by Nick Leonoff

Creative Process

Nick’s solid foundation and range of skills have allowed his artistic vision to shine through. His striking glass pieces feature juxtapositions of opaque and translucent, glossy and matte, with light and dark.

To achieve these effects, Nick uses Swedish overlay techniques, layering colored glass in the walls and on the surface of the glass forms. 

Glass by Nick Leonoff

After the pieces have cooled to room temperature, he carves the walls of the pieces with diamond wheels to remove layers of glass and expose colors within the piece.  The blown pieces become the “canvas” on which he designs and creates.  Using various size, profile, and grit wheels, he creates different cuts and textures.  Many of his patterns resemble traditional textile as well as modern industrial designs. 

Award Winner

Last year was his first-time participating in La Quinta Arts Festival. The judges were thoroughly impressed and awarded him Best of Glass!

See more of his glass art at his Artist Gallery.