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LQAF Gallery Spotlight: Bart Aldrich

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‘Wisdom begins in wonder,’ and wonder nourishes the soul.

Where it all began…

My interest in photography began over 25 years ago while living in Hong Kong. During that time, I had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Asia and develop my photographic eye. Many of the destinations and cultures remained unspoiled.  After moving back to the U.S. and eventually settling in the Coachella desert 15 years ago, my photographic interest turned towards Joshua Tree National Park, the Salton Sea and parts of the American West and Southwest.  I continue to travel and in the last few years I have visited and photographed parts of Greece, Italy and Morocco. I have also made several photographic trips back to Asia, spending time in Bali in 2012 and most recently revisiting Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia for the first time in 20+ years.

Desert Gold by Bart Aldrich

Aesthetic and technique

It takes patience and a disciplined eye to see beyond the mundane and seek out hidden gems. What makes a lasting impression may be as simple as waiting for that perfect light or a patch of clouds to add impact and punctuation to a scene in order to capture nature’s beauty at its peak. Many have commented on the Zen-like quality of my work, both in the landscapes and in the people encountered in their daily environment.

Photo by Bart Aldrich

While travel and landscape photography remain at the heart of my portfolio, what enriches my work is a new technique of abstract photo-painting: a method that combines my original abstract paintings on canvas with all kinds of photographic elements (such as shadows, light reflections, textures, metals, clouds, water, waves, sky, leaves, flowers, even a blade of grass … anything that captures my creative imagination) that results in a strikingly unique abstract composition. This new technique of “abstract photo-painting” provides another layer to my photography, creating ever more imaginative landscapes of color, texture, shape, form, depth and emotion.

Illusion by Bart Aldrich

To enhance my images I bond/fuse them onto a variety of unusual and exotic materials, such as the luminescence of acrylic and the metallic sheen of aluminum, integrating the image with the framing. The shimmering effect is amazing under different lighting conditions, illuminating depth and texture as one views the artwork from different angles. This unique and unusual framing style achieves a bold new aesthetic and stunning presentation for my images.

Allegria by Bart Aldrich

My connection to La Quinta Arts Festival

Having been published in magazines and on book covers and done many art shows winning numerous ribbons around southern California and Arizona for years, I’m proudest to say that I have been associated and participated in the La Quinta Arts Festival now for twelve years. I’ve had the good fortune to win ribbons there and some of my work was chosen by the City of La Quinta for permanent display in the Senior Center of the City of La Quinta Campus.

–Bart Aldrich

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