Art. Culture. Life. Gallery Spotlight: Richard B. Hall

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Richard B. Hall (Mesa, AZ) blends the worlds of realism and abstract art, served with dollop of humor and wordplay.

His whimsical work is notable for its accurate realism, and clever combinations of subjects. Two of his art collectors call him the ‘the new Norman Rockwell’.

Tater Tot by Richard B. Hall

Behind every Richard B. Hall painting is a story – it might be a funny tale, a slice of Americana, or a snapshot of days gone by.

Sometimes the title pops into Richard’s head first, leading the artist on multi-state buying trips to find the right antique props. Other times, it is a beautiful old object or quirky contemporary one that cries out to be memorialized.

Blowing Kisses by Richard B. Hall

Richard gravitates towards antiques as the stars of his stories, enjoying how the dents and scratches provide a layer of visual interest for the audience. 

Retail Therapy by Richard B. Hall

Creative Process
After he has an idea for a story, Richard starts setting up the scene to achieve the proper positioning, balance, and proportion. To realize precise representations of the subjects he chooses to paint, he paints dozens of thin layers, letting each layer of oil paint dry before moving on. In this layering process, Richard injects his knowledge of abstract art techniques. Lastly, the artist uses a laborious wax/varnish technique popular with the Dutch Masters painters of 500 years ago to get an overall, consistent finish.  

Preview his art at his Artist Gallery, and view his work in booth #821 at La Quinta Arts Festival, March 7-10, 2019. For tickets and information, click here.