Art. Culture. Life. Gallery Spotlight: Marjolyn van der Hart

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Based in Ontario, Canada, digital artist Marjolyn van der Hart delves into the role of midcentury history, personal memories, and nostalgia.

For inspiration, she uses found photos, vintage advertising, stills from classic films, music scores, and snippets of poetry. She shares, “By looking at these images, I reinvent them into art that reminds you of another time but also tells a bit about our world today.”

Exuberant Day by Marjolyn van der Hart

The patterns meld together to create an ephemeral vague dimension of space. Once this has dried, the story is introduced with digital layering, pastels and acrylic paint.

Marjolyn in her studio

A first time exhibitor at La Quinta Arts Festival in 2019, she is creating a new series of originals to debut at the event.   She shares, “For many of us, our identity is tied to memories from our childhood.  There are moments when we see an image, we are taken to another time and place. One that seemed simpler. My goal is to find these triggers of memory. To find a way to give us a deeper sense of who we are today by using these images from the past. Using found old photos, or classic film images, these pieces create stories that have a familiarity.”

I Found a Dream by Marjolyn van der Hart

Preview her work at her Artist Gallery, and view her work in person in booth #116 at the 37th La Quinta Arts Festival, March 7-10, 2019. For information and tickets, click here.