Art. Culture. Life. Gallery Spotlight: Jay McDougall

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Jay McDougall is a wood sculptor located in Ottertail County in west central Minnesota. All of McDougall’s pieces are free hand carved from one solid piece of wood while it is still green/wet with no glue-ups, joinery or lathe work. He works alone through the entire process, beginning with patiently selecting logs from fallen hardwood trees in the region surrounding his studio, through hand buffing the final coat of wax. Utilizing material that is very accessible is compatible with his goal of practicing, maintaining, and enriching a sustainable lifestyle. It also allows Jay to work with a material with which he shares an intimacy. These are the trees that he has played and worked amongst his entire life.

Jay McDougall in the creative process

Jay McDougall’s sculpted wall pieces and vessels are the distillation of his career spent pursuing economy of line and form.  His classic contemporary pieces bring with them a calming presence that fits seamlessly into wide-ranging architectural styles. 

Jay McDougall’s art ‘Sirens’ in a home in Indian Wells.

Jay has garnered numerous national awards for excellence in his field while maintaining an exhibition schedule that includes the most prestigious venues across the country. He won an Award of Merit in Wood at La Quinta Arts Festival 2017.

See more of his artwork at his Artist Gallery