Art. Culture. Life. Gallery Spotlight: David Falossi

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Award-winning artist David Falossi creates stunning sculpture made from stone, glass, granite and steel. “I use stone because it is a link to the earth; its richness and varieties are a miracle in itself. Glass in my sculpture represents the human spirit, life, and the miraculous,” shares David. 

David Falossi, Sculptor

Born in San Diego, Falossi began his creative journey working on off Broadway productions—building and painting sets and props.  He also worked as a carpenter and lighting designer for these shows. After studying art and sculpture in university and later in an apprenticeship at Southwest Onyz and Marble Co. studio in San Diego, he opened Falossi Studio in Yucca Valley, CA.  

Sculpture by David Falossi

His works range in style from classical figures to abstract geometric forms.  In addition, one of his series incorporates elegant water features. 

“Diver” by David Falossi

The artist has won awards at arts festivals, and received numerous commissions for public and corporate installations. 

“The Spring” by David Falossi, Morongo Basin Transit Association, Yucca Valley CA

See more of his artwork in his Artist Gallery.