Art. Culture. Life. Gallery Spotlight: David Bjurstrom

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David Bjurstrom (Drawing) Austin, TX — Booth #467

Returning Artist

David Bjurstrom is an award-winning master in the medium of graphite pencil. He won Best of Show at La Quinta Arts Festival in 2014 & 2015. His highly detailed drawings encompass a wide range of subject matter from landscapes and animals to people and still life.

Speaking of his technique, David explains, “While many artists draw with an emphasis on lines, I use light and shadow—contrast—to delineate surface much like a painter uses color. In that respect, my approach to drawing is more like painting. The only lines visible are those used to portray a texture in my subjects. They’re very rarely, if ever, used to separate one surface from another.”

Ancient Pots by David Bjurstrom

“This approach mimics the way our eyes see the world. When one looks at an object, there isn’t an outline that separates it from its background. The separation is achieved through variations in color, light and shad­ow. Since, with the pencil, I have only black, white and shades of gray with which to work, I must rely only on the light falling across the surfaces. It is also the light or, more correctly, the shadows created by the light that reveals the textures of the subject.”

Trunk Show by David Bjurstrom

At La Quinta Arts Festival 2019, David will debut many new drawings, including “Ancient Pots” and “Trunk Show”. 

See more of his innovative drawings at his Artist Gallery and in booth #467 at the 37th La Quinta Arts Festival, March 7-10, 2019. For information and tickets, click here.