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Angela Marie is a contemporary, figurative acrylic artist based in the Coachella Valley.  She is inspired and influenced by fashion textiles, the human body, and the natural environment.  There are four different elements she strives for in her art: visual depth, rich color, texture, and human emotion.  

Art and Fashion

Her artistic passion began as a child spending time with her grandmother, who painted oil landscapes.  “Painting was my first love, but as the world opened up to me with other creative possibilities, I discovered I also really liked to design and sew clothes,” reflects Angela.  She attended the New York Fashion Academy in Seattle, where she honed her skills in design. After school, she moved to California to pursue a career in fashion and art.  She excelled in her role as Assistant Designer and Stitcher for the Palm Springs Follies.  In addition, she worked in Hollywood with notable fashion designer Jeremy Scott.  While she enjoyed the experience of working on a New York Fashion Week Collection, she yearned to develop her own creative work, on her own terms. 

Angela Marie

California Creativity 

As she camped and hiked across beautiful Southern California, she found the inspiration and drive to focus on her painting.  Sunset colors, plant textures, and animals emerged as motifs in her work.  For select pieces, she adds subtle touches of glass beads, pearls, shells and natural stones.  In order to create contrast, she utilizes mosaic style art techniques and pointillism.  

‘Night Bloom’ by Angela Marie

Current Works

Her current collection, which she has been working on this summer, is called Desert’s Embrace.  It is an up-close and personal approach to looking at nature around her through a different lens.  She has also been working on starting a collection of mini paintings inspired by Joshua Tree National Park, called Dancing Trees.  She shares, “Studying and learning about the plants has really been an intimate education. I hope to create a renewed appreciation of the dynamics involved in our relationship to plants and animals.  I also seek to highlight the awe inspiring beauty we get to enjoy in nature.”

Angela with painting from Desert’s Embrace

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