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Local Artist Travis Hiner | Exhibit begins November 21st

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Palm Desert Community Gallery presents: THE SUBOKEN PROJECT … By Travis Hiner

Local artist Hiner will be showing his work at the Palm Desert Community Gallery. The exhibit starts on November 21st and runs until January 31st, 2014.

The reception will be on Monday, November 25th from 5.30pm to 7pm.

Local Artist Travis Hiner | Exhibit begins November 21st

Travis Hiner will be showcasing work from two of his projects, one entitled In a Place and the other The Cartographer’s Dilemma in this solo show. He calls himself Suboken, a Japanese word liberally translated as ‘reading in between the lines.”

In a Place is a photographic series taken of miniature, hand-sculpted picnic benches placed in various locations all around the Coachella Valley neighborhood. Placed on rocks, small plants, groves, sand, and other backdrops, they warp your sense of perspective, as at first you are unsure of what you are seeing.  They create a sense of playfulness, an excitement, and keenness to the idea of being more observant and really looking when out and about. A scavenger hunt, as it were.

Hiner writes that “the work’s overall approach is to inspire the viewer to take in the little moments and look around them, to find the unexpected. I believe as one becomes accustomed to finding new details in the simplest of surroundings, they become more aware of details in the larger world around them as well”.

His second project, The Cartographers Dilemma, uses a variety of media, polymer clay, ink, and sand on wood and plexiglass, to express his thoughts on how we communicate. Cartographers use maps to communicate space and land, topography and topology. Words are merely a form of communication also. He theorizes, “a culture’s vocabulary has such a huge impact on how it’s members regard the world in which they live. Could it be that the more complex and sophisticated our lexicon becomes, the more removed we are from simply seeing the real world?”


Come and meet Travis Hiner and see his work this coming Monday to learn more!

Palm Desert Community Gallery at City Hall |

73-510 Fred Waring Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260 | 

(760) 346-0611, ext 664 |


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