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Introducing Alabama Artist Tres Taylor

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Ranked # 8 in the nation of fine art festivals, La Quinta Arts Festival 2009 promises to deliver a cache’ of perennial favorites combined with the rising stars of the art world.  On March 12-15, the La Quinta Civic Center Campus, nestled at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains, will be transformed into an art lover’s paradise, where the nation’s premier talent unveil many never-before-seen works, delivered in all shapes, sizes, mediums and price ranges at the 27th annual event.

Spiral Monk by Tres Taylor

Spiral Monk by Tres Taylor

One of the 56 artists new to the Festival exhibiting for the first time in the Coachella Valley is Tres Taylor.  Working with the unusual materials of roofing paper, rice paper, putty, house paints and acrylics, Taylor burst onto the world’s art scene rather surreptitiously.  But Tres will tell you he arrived at his calling through divine intervention. 

In 1998, after working as a biochemist in San Diego for over 20 years, Tres visited with RA Miller, a Georgia folk artist on a holiday visit to his Southern hometown.   During their conversation Tres told Miller “I wish I could paint like you” and Miller responded “You can – You’re an artist.” 

Taylor returned to his research work at UCSD, but one evening riding his bicycle home from work, he happened upon some discarded wood near the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park.  That wood became the canvas of Taylor’s first painting.  Tres recounts “it was if a paintbrush feel from the sky”.  Almost every night from then on, consumed by the joy of creation, Tres rushed home to paint. Within two years he left his job as a biochemist to paint full time.   

Since his epiphany, Tres’ creations emanate from the spiritual seeking, love, Divine Love, peace and joy through subjects of monks, couples and houses and sometimes contain the love obsessed words of poets Rumi and Neruda.  Taylor has exhibited  primarily in Japan and along the eastern seaboard states around his home in Birmingham, Alabama.  “We look forward to welcoming Tres to La Quinta Arts Festival said Executive Director Christi Salamone.  We are sure his colorful expressionistic work of unconventional subject matter will be well received – it just makes you smile.”