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La Quinta Arts Festival® Artist Spotlight: Kim Obrzut

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For over 20 years, La Quinta Arts Festival artist Kim Obrzut has been casting bronze sculptures, featuring the female figure in all phases of life. She includes symbols such as corn, butterflies and baskets to tell the stories of her Hopi heritage and culture.  

In 2014, Obrzut won Best in Sculpture at La Quinta Arts Festival. She travels to several art shows across the US each year so she can personally meet her collectors and convey the stories of the Hopi people and her art in person.

Kim Obrzut

We invited Kim to share what Mother’s Day means to her, as an artist, woman and mother:

Taking the time to reflect and honor our Mothers certainly deserves a special celebration.  The relationship with Mom is the backbone of our society, no matter our cultural background or where we are from.  I am fortunate enough to be able to work with my daughter Krystal and she makes me feel special and honored every day.  From infant to adulthood, it never gets old watching and admiring the wonderful person she has become.

Krystal and Kim

A medium typically dominated by men shouldn’t stop a woman from following her creative path. I never hesitated for a second in working in a male dominated bronze and stainless steel field.  I put my head down and pushed through anything tough that came my way.  Remembering the big picture of where I wanted to go was my greatest strength and inspiration.

First Born by Kim Obrzut

Womanly subject matter could not be more instinctive and natural for me as I continue to celebrate the woman and her role in society, her community and the world.   The message is subtle but never lacking in strength.  I love portraying a young girl stepping into her new phase of adulthood, a newborn baby in a woman’s arms, and even the beauty of a woman in the autumn of her life.  There are countless ways that we can put a feminine touch to all aspects of life, no matter where we find our life’s journey.  –Kim Obrzut        

Patrons at La Quinta Arts Festival viewing sculpture by Kim Obrzut



Gayle Dickenson
May 13, 2018, 11:02 am

Love Kim’s work! I am happy to have six of her sculptures including “First Born” which I purchased this year at the La Quinta Art festival. Look forward to seeing her and Krystal each year! Happy Mother’s Day!

May 13, 2018, 4:29 pm

Your daughter is beautiful as is your sculpture see u at the art fair.