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Kathy Ross Sculpture on Display at The Galen

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A couple of years ago, artist Kathy Ross sold a jewelled overcoat sculpture to Donna MacMillan at the La Quinta Arts Festival.   This one-of-a-kind sculpture is on display at The Galen, Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert, as part of a new show called “Baroque to Bling! High Art and Low from the Collection of Donna MacMillan”, featuring selections from Donna MacMillan’s gifts & loans to the museum. The exhibit runs until Oct 16th, 2016.

LQAF Programs Coordinator Brittany Delany visited the exhibit and snapped a few photos of the overcoat:

Kathy Ross

kathy ross GALEN overcoat

kathy ross


About the Exhibit:
baroque to bling
Baroque to Bling! explores a distinct world of bold fine art, fashion, and design objects — all linked by the eye of a spirited collector, Donna MacMillan. Drawn from museum’s gifts and loans from MacMillan’s exuberant collection, the exhibition shows how artists incorporate embellishment and indulge in excess in their contemporary practice. From cutting-edge art to lavish jewelry, the works offer contemporary interpretations of the baroque, a term that brings to mind lavishly ornamental design, elaborate aesthetics, and the theatrical.

If the baroque suggests excess, bling is that final, often glittery, enhancement that brings a sense of wonder to the viewer. MacMillan’s collecting sensibility emphasizes a keen awareness of the joyful play between structure and surface, form and finish, glitter and polish, and ultimately — resonance and wonder. The exhibition includes objects that both engage the mind and delight the viewer while emphasizing the rich decorative practices that artists undertake today.


kathy-rossAbout Kathy Ross:
Since 1978, Kathy has been a full time self-employed artist, pursuing many sculptural materials.  Most of her time is spent on the map/book-collaged figures and clothing pieces (which look wearable, but aren’t). The basic method: make a framework; cover with paper.  After that, these sculptures can sometimes become armatures for embellishment/encrustation/adornment with all kinds of shiny/strange found objects.

To see more artwork by Kathy Ross, check out her LQAF Artist Gallery.