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Info for Confirmed Artists 2019

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Congratulations! We look forward to welcoming you to exhibit at the 37th La Quinta Arts Festival, March 7, 8, 9 & 10, 2019. 

This webpage features key information for confirmed artists, including important dates, deadlines, links to required forms and opportunities. 


DECEMBER 1, 2018
Complete and return the following by December 1, 2018:

  1. ARTIST PARTICIPATION & PAYMENT AGREEMENT – sign and return page 4 of the Artist Participation Agreement 2019   
  2. BOOTH FEE – pay initial standard booth payment of $275 by check or pay securely online: Standard Booth Fee
  3. ONLINE BOOTH REQUEST – complete your booth request online:

Return forms and payments to

LA QUINTA, CA  92253 

FAX: 760-391-6925  

ARTIST MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES – Deadlines in December and January
Follow this link for Artist Marketing Opportunities

Follow this link for La Quinta Arts Festival 2019 Site Map

In December and January, artists pay balance based on the size of their booth, use of electricity and boxed lunch orders.  

  • The Standard Booth Fee – $275
  • The Large Booth Fee – $600
  • The X-Large Booth Fee – $800
  • The Booth Electric Fee – $150  

Each Artist Booth (regardless of size or the number of artists in your booth) is entitled to ONE complimentary box lunch each of the four days of Festival. The order form was emailed to artists in mid-January 2019, and the deadline to order lunches was Friday, February 8th. 

1. California Seller’s Permit:Artist agrees to obtain a California Seller’s Permit adding the Festival address (78495 Calle Tampico, La Quinta, CA 92253) as a selling location.

Obtain information and register at Register online for a seller’s permit, use tax account, or other tax and fee programs. Many applicants will be able to obtain their permit immediately after they submit their application.

Artist must present California Seller’s Permit number in writing to LQAF by February 1, 2019.
2. City of La Quinta Vehicle Business License: This form is available online at: Select either “Business Outside the City of La Quinta” if you are not a resident of the city of La Quinta or “Business Inside the City of La Quinta” if you are a local resident. Click on the link and complete the application, enclose a check and mail to Business License Division, City of La Quinta, 78495 Calle Tampico, La Quinta, CA 92253.  Do not send to LQAF. 

Artist agrees to obtain a City of La Quinta Vehicle Business License prior to artist check-in. 

View Exhibition Canopy Staking and Display Requirements in ARTIST INFORMATION GUIDE 2019 .

Festival Booth Rentals

Bright Event Rentals welcomes artists to complete the fillable PDF reservation form for rental items most frequently requested for La Quinta Arts Festival. Click here for the reservation form, and email completed form to or

To order any of the items listed or other items from their website,, contact Sharon Wyler or or at 760.343.5110. They require a 100% payment by credit card when the order is placed to reserve the equipment. The credit card also acts as a security deposit. You are free to make changes to your order (increase or decrease) up to Friday 02/22/19 provided the equipment is available.

Delivery Information

  • Delivery Schedule: Tuesday (03/05/2019) and Wednesday (03/06/2019). Pick-up on Monday (03/11/2019).
  • DELIVERY CHARGES: Delivery charge of $85.00 includes delivery and pick-up. Any additional deliveries will be charged at $65. Special delivery items will be assessed case by case.
  • The canopy, sidewall and lattice prices include set-up.
  • To guarantee proper set up of your booth, please provide a layout
  • Customers are responsible for all equipment until items are picked up by Bright Event Rentals

Unfortunately, no company offers Pro Panels here in the Coachella Valley. 


Event Registration & Setup
March 5 & March 6, 2019

Artist Load In:
All large work must be set up on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. Artist must complete all booth set-ups by Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at the designated time. Artist will be assigned a set-up date in January 2019. Gates open to the public on Thursday, March 7, 2019. Artist may not set-up Artist’s entire booth display on the date the Festival opens. Artist may complete finishing touches to Artist’s booth and bring in fragile art before the Festival opens at 10am.  Artist agrees to comply with the Load In and Set Up schedule in ARTIST INFORMATION GUIDE 2019. 

View Exhibition Canopy Staking and Display Requirements in ARTIST INFORMATION GUIDE 2019.

La Quinta Arts Festival  –  Daily Hours
March 7, 8, 9, 10 2019, 10am – 5pm

Artist Presence: Artist agrees to be present and in Artist’s booth all posted hours of the Festival. Festival hours are 10am to 5pm. Artist must present photo identification at check-in. 


Wednesday 3/06Thursday
Saturday 3/09Sunday
Registration9am – 5pm9am – 5pm     
Load-In9am – 9pm8am – 9pm     
Artist Gate Hours9am – 9pm8am – 9pm7am –8pm8am-6pm8am-6pm8am-9pm7:30am-12noon
Artist Awards  5:30pm-7pm    
Patron Hours  10am-5pm10am-5pm10am-5pm10am-5pm 


La Quinta Arts Festival requires artists pay a 20% show fee for all art sales made at, or as a result of participating in La Quinta Arts Festival.  
Key Finance Rules:
Daily Collection of Receipt Books: Even if you have NO SALES, turn in at least one book per day.  Turn in all books with sales.
All artists will bring their receipt book(s) to the Finance Office (Hospitality Patio – North side of Wellness Center), at the end of each day, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  At 8:30am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, artists will pick up their receipt book from the Finance Office. 
Sunday 5pm Checkout:  Prior to breaking down your booth, turn in all receipt books to the Finance Office (Hospitality Patio – North side of Wellness Center), then immediately return to your booth to close down. This includes unused books. After close of Festival, do not leave with receipt books.

On Approval; Home Showings; Returns; & Commissioned Work

  1. Sales On Approval – Requires a written receipt. Write a sales receipt for the transaction, and write “On Approval” on the receipt.  Sales On Approval transactions are processed as “Sales” and are considered complete unless LQAF Finance is informed that the transaction was cancelled or item(s) were returned. If returned, write new receipt, reference original receipt, mark returned. Take the time to explain the transaction to Finance.
  2. If the customer is taking the piece without the artist present provide the customer with the Pink and Gold copies of the sales receipt, as with any sales transaction. The customer will relinquish the Gold copy at the Exit Gate.  LQAF strongly encourages artists to hold a deposit by check, credit card, or other form of security/identification before releasing artwork on approval to a customer without being present.  Turn your sales receipt book in at the end of the day.
  3. Home Showings – If the artist accompanies the artwork take your receipt book with you, and write the Sales transaction at the customer’s home, leaving the White & Gold copies in the book. The customer receives the Pink copy. Turn the sales receipt book in to Finance the following morning.  Take the time to explain the transaction to Finance.  Pick up your new book from Finance at that time. 
  4. Returns – If a customer returns artwork fill out a sales receipt, writing “Returned Item” on the receipt, boldly place the price in brackets indicating negative, and reference the initial sales receipt number on the document. The customer receives the Pink copy.  The White & Gold copies remain in the book.  Take the time to explain the transaction to Finance. The Finance Office will deduct this amount from your total sales.
  5. Please notify the Finance Office when turning in your book for all Art On Approval, Home Showings, and Return transactions, explaining what occurred. This will help Finance understand the transaction and avoid errors.

Commissioned Work – Deposits

  1. A sales receipt is required for all work commissioned at La Quinta Arts Festival.
  2. Write the total price of the item. Write the description.
  3. The customer’s information must be filled out, email, name, address, and phone.
  4. Indicate the projected date of delivery on the receipt.
  5. Write “Deposit Amount” received from customer.
  6. Write “Balance Due Amount” from customer once delivered.
  7. LQAF will process the transaction noting the full price, date of delivery, and the deposit amount.
  8. For final show payment the artist will pay LQAF 20% of the deposit received.
  9. LQAF will establish an account receivable from the artist. The balance to be paid once the artist receives payment from the customer.
  10. Notify the Finance office when turning in the book so that Finance is aware of the transaction. Please explain the transaction(s). 

Tear Down
March 10 & 11, 2019

Artist Load out: Loud out begins Sunday evening, March 10, after Artists have checked-out with Finance. Do not plan to remove large art in the dark, as it is dangerous to you and others.  Only Labor For Hire available for Sunday evening load out.  Monday, March 11 – Volunteers with flatbed golf carts will be available to assist load out at no charge.  Labor for Hire is also available. You can sign up for both of these services in advance on the Wellness Center Patio. The fence will be taken down and our security terminates at 12:00 Noon so all artists must be off the Festival site by early afternoon.