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Help Artist Dennis Kohn Rise from the Ashes!

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This past week the horrific wildfires in Northern California struck La Quinta Arts Festival artist, Dennis Kohn. For more than 25 years Dennis has been participating at La Quinta Arts Festival and has served as an Artist Advisor, Jury Member and Featured Poster Artist in 2011 with his stunning photography of Box Canyon.  In the early hours of Sunday, October 8th the Tubbs fire destroyed his home and photography studio as Dennis fled with the shirt on his back and his cat under his arm to the safety of his sister’s home. He was not able to take his beloved parrot with him.

On Tuesday, Dennis was notified that all was lost. He has yet to return to his home site and sift through the ashes. He has lost all of his cameras, camera equipment, production equipment and the 60-70 large framed pieces that were in inventory–ALL are gone. Dennis says that he wakes up each morning struggling to put one foot in front of the other. The feeling is surreal. Yet on Thursday, October 12th Dennis Kohn still dedicated his time to being a jury member of Photography for La Quinta Arts Festival 2018.  With all of the trauma in his life, he still honored his commitment to La Quinta Arts Foundation. We are in awe of his effort.

Our goal at La Quinta Arts Foundation is for Dennis Kohn to be able to resume his illustrious career as a professional photographer and participate in La Quinta Arts Festival 2018. For this reason we are reaching out and asking his peer artists to please consider donating directly to his GO FUND ME page.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated by Dennis. He strongly believes that he will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and with all of our support, he will.

Link to his GO FUND ME page:

Additional Resources for wildfire-affected artists & communities from California Arts Council:


Dennis has always believed that we are one with our environment. His artist statement states:

However different we may be, we share our humanity and a common destiny on earth as we continue to shape and be shaped by our environment. As humans we appreciate that essentially all our experiences take place in the landscape which at once enables and reflects all of life. Landscape, like music, is a universal language.  The landscape has been described as a symphony of sounds, smells, and people in the most unlikely combinations of appearance and action.

La Quinta Arts Festival 2011 Poster - Dennis Kohn