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Guess Who is Coming to La Quinta Arts Festival? Armando Adrian-Lopez | Mixed Media

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Armando Adrian-Lopez ~ Mixed Media      NEW ARTIST! 
Abiquiu, NM ~ Booth #669

Armando is a Tarascan native born in the village of Santa Maria Michoacan in S.W. Mexico. His grandfather was a master basket weaver who taught him how to weave and construct objects from different materials. Armando says, “I am still essentially a basket maker; an artistic/theatrical basket maker.” The underlying structure of Armando’s work stems from the folk art tradition of fashioning figures out of river willow twigs, corn husks, reeds, cattails, onion skin, dried flowers, ceramic clay, native grasses, 24k gold leaf and egg tempera. He weaves and binds these materials into Santos, angels, altars, and other more worldly figures.

Armando Adrian-Lopez is also exhibiting under the media category of Painting.