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‘Forever Marilyn’ Won’t be in Palm Springs Forever – Don’t Miss Out!

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Forever Marilyn Palm Springs





Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

Marilyn Monroe




Palm Spring’s monumental temporary public art installation—Forever Marilyn—has been so overwhelmingly received since her arrival in May 2012, that her stay has been granted several extensions, with a current departure date of mid-November.

forever marilynThe awesome 26 ft. tall – 34,300 lb. bronze and stainless steel sculpture of Marilyn Monroe (who has many legendary ties to Palm Springs) is the creation of American artist and Johnson & Johnson heir Seward Johnson. Forever Marilyn is based on a photograph by Bruno Bernard, aka Bernard of Hollywood, taken during the 1955 filming of ” The Seven Year Itch.”

The saucy statue has been prominently placed in the heart of downtown Palm Springs at the corner of Palm Canyon & Tahquitz Canyon Way since it arrived from Chicago on loan from The Sculpture Foundation. The installation has been paid for by P.S. Resorts, local donors, restaurants, hoteliers and merchants to promote Palm Springs tourism. The venture has been so successful that negotiations are in the works to bring Forever Marilyn back to Palm Springs permanently at the end of 2015. Read the full story at Palm




Forever Marilyn has been the backdrop for several special events including a farewell concert slated September 7th featuring tribute bands of The Beach Boys and The Beatles that will go on as planned. 


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