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Bookmobile sculpture by Kathy Ross on display at BIMA

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Artist Kathy Ross’ Bookmobile has been part of the permanent collection at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art and it will be on display until October 1st as part of their exhibition ‘ARTIST’S BOOKS: CHAPTER 8 – EVERYTHING–INCLUDING THE KITCHEN SINK‘, curated by and from the collection of BIMA Founder Cynthia Sears. Learn more in this podcast featuring artist’s book teacher Susan Callan talking with BCB host Channie Peters about the skill and craft of creating artist’s books.

Watch Kathy Ross show off her Bookmobile sculpture:

Kathy shares in her Artist Statement: “Books: You are what you read (a note for English Majors):  We live our lives on channel one, the physical plane of the everyday, yet we yearn to change the channel, move beyond the mundane.  Spiritual paths try to open a door into higher realities. For English Majors this door is opened by books.  And isn’t it strange how abstract it is, that these marks on paper become new worlds?  Because where are these worlds really?  Not here, not on channel one, but somewhere out there in the endless magic universe of our imaginations.”

Speaking of books, read Steven Biller’s Summer Reading for Art Lovers for excellent recommendations.

Curious to see more of Kathy’s mixed media sculpture? Enjoy viewing her LQAF Artist Online Gallery.