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Ben Franklin Elementary School Walk-A-Thon

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Benjamin Franklin Elementary School of International Studies in La Quinta is excited to announce their first Walk-A-Thon, which will take place on May 6, 2011.  The monies raised from this event will enable the school to fund its Spanish Program and its Aesthetic Education Program (McCallum Arts)

LQAF Executive Director Christi Salamone met recently with Benjamin Franklin Principal Kelly May to discuss how LQAF could better serve our local schools in regard to art education.  Principal May stated, “In a time of intense cuts to education we have worked diligently to ensure that Franklin Chargers receive a well-rounded education and outstanding education opportunities, but without these fund raising efforts we will be hard pressed to continue these types of programs.” 

In addition to asking that each student’s family participate by taking pledges for the Walk-A-Thon, Benjamin Franklin is accepting flat donations to help meet their fundraising goal of $20,000. All funds should be collected by May 13th, 2011. For information on how to make a donation, please call 760-238-9424.