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AUU Spotlight | Barry & Rosalind Hage of Hage Stoneware

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Barry & Rosalind Hage of Hage Stoneware | Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight

Master Potter Barry Hage and Artist Rosalind Hage have worked in clay for over 45 years. Each finished piece combines both the techniques of wheel throwing and hand building, then hand decorated and fired multiple times with ceramic stains and glazes to completion. Platinum or gold luster is often applied in the final firing.

The Hages were commissioned in the spring of 2013 to build 50 one-of-a-kind teapots to be displayed as table centerpieces for the Bellevue Museum of Arts Auction. Four months of intense artistic labor not only pushed the Hages’ creativity into new forms and techniques but resulted in the largest output of pieces in a number of years. The Hages are pleased to note that the auction was a huge success.

Barry and Rosalind have committed to exhibit their intricate Hage Stoneware ceramic designs at all Art Under the Umbrellas events this season, as well as La Quinta Arts Festival 2014 which takes place March 6-9. 

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