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Ashley Hapner | AUU featured Scholarship Recipient

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Grocery Day’ – Short Animation by LQAF scholarship recipient Ashley Hapner  in collaboration with fellow Loyola Marymount students.

Shot to the Head!

Warning: violent and gory scenes. Features zombies. Not for the faint of heart.

For those that have an affinity to watching zombie flicks, this is a real treat. A short, animated ‘Stepford Wives morph into Tarantino killer chicks from Kill Bill’ meets Zombies film, it is fun, tongue in cheek and wonderfully done. It has long been debated what you should do, if confronted by zombies and this short follows the generally accepted directive that a shot to the head will kill the undead. But the artistic directors bring in a sword, an axe and an ice pick for good measure.

Ashley Hapner is an LQAF scholarship recipient currently studying at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and is thriving.  On the Dean’s List, and maintaining a good GPA, she is busy with her chosen degree, Animation, learning the in and out’s of this creative business. Ashley also has a website , which shows her many talents as a visual artist. Wanting to be an animator since she was nine, Ashley is now a sophomore in college, and well on her way to become an established artist. Please visit her website and check out the film to see the work of this busy scholarship recipient!