ZAPP Application

All artist applications will be handled through ZAPPTM, an online application process. Managed by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), a nonprofit arts organization leading the field in the development of web-based technologies, the ZAPPTM system was informed every step of the way by consultation with the National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA). ZAPPTM has a clear advantage over other online application systems currently on the market. ZAPPTM ensures that all artwork will be in a consistent quality digital format.  Today, ZAPPTM handles over 300 fine art shows across the nation which makes it easy for artists to apply.

ZAPP Application New Window





DEADLINE TO APPLY:  September 30, 2018

Benefits of ZAPPTM to Artists:

  • Using ZAPPTM is free (excluding the $50 application fee to La Quinta Arts Festival).
  • Applications submitted and managed online.
  • Receive instant e-mail notifications with application status and more.
  • Save time and money on postage and multiple sets of slides.
  • Jurors have multiple days to view your submission in the medium they judge.
  • Contact information and images are securely stored.

About the Jury Process:

Your entry is judged by a five member, per medium, independent panel of art professionals, educators, and peer artists. Each jury member has specific professional expertise and knowledge of the medium they judge.  The jury changes annually and benefits from the ability of scoring on-line to take as much time as desired to review images, read artist statements, compare the body of category entries and offer comments.  The jury will examine your entry for appearance, originality, quality of execution, and your ability to display your work optimally. The last criterion is if the jury members believe your work would be embraced by our art patron. If your entry is lacking in any of these areas, your chances of acceptance are minimized. Remember, several times more applications arrive than there are available spaces in La Quinta Arts Festival, so difficult choices have to be made.

You are juried anonymously, based solely on your photos and the descriptions you enter. Do not include your name, your self, or any other identifying information in your booth photo!

Enter the category that best describes your work! We utilize different jury members for each media, so if you enter the wrong category, your entry may not be seen by the most qualified jury members. If you’re unsure which category to use, then please call or email us before you complete the application.

Please submit photographs that are un-manipulated and real. Do not digitally enhance or alter your photographs (beyond the basics needed to achieve realistic color balance and sharpness. Cropping is allowed). Make sure your photos show your work clearly and your descriptions are easy to understand. Avoid words and terms that are not well-known outside your medium or method, and be sure to provide information that helps to explain the piece and what might not be obvious in the photo. For example: You can leave colors out of your description because they are obvious, but including a list of materials and methods might be helpful in understanding the complexity of your work.

The jury members will be looking at thousands of images, so choose pieces that are unique and exciting. Also choose pieces that coordinate well, rather than examples of every different style you have ever done. The jury will be looking at all of your photos at the same time, so make sure they are consistent in their presentation.

Photos that include more than one piece are acceptable, only if the work is best displayed in a group. Examples are: a necklace with earrings, a group of three slender vases, a triptych of paintings, or a pair of sculptures that interrelate to each other.

Your booth shot is vital to your success in being accepted into Festival. It should show that you display your work neatly and professionally. Imagine your art in an outdoor gallery!  Do not overcrowd the booth  with all of your work, never leave your work on the ground propped against the side of the canopy and crop away any distractions that the jury does not need to see. Your booth shot does not need to include your entire canopy, your packing materials, your lunch or the other booths around yours. Do not show signage or people (including yourself!) in your booth shot. Just showcase your work, as we would expect it to appear at La Quinta Arts Festival. A booth shot should be inviting and entice patrons to enter the booth.  Art on display should be similar to that which is featured in your submitted images 1-4. The jury members will each subtract a point for a poor booth display. See here for examples.

We want you to be successful. We provide the above suggestions based on years of experience.

If you still have questions about filling out your application, call the artist helpline at:  (760) 564-1244 ext. 112, or contact our artist helpline.


If an Artist is unfamiliar downloading his/her images and is in need of technology support, we suggest that you go to the ZAPPTM website and look under Digital Imaging Resources. There is a list of recommended professional vendors who will assist you for a fee.  The service is available by some providers as late as the day before the application deadline.

One individual is Larry Berman from Berman Graphics. Phone: 800-350-9829.